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Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Cosmetics allows you to make subtle changes with carefully placed pigment enhancing
your facial features. Whilst these soft colour enhancements do not replace the cosmetics in your
make-up bag, they will make you look and feel more confident, saving you time, day after day.

Over time our facial features can fade making us look (and feel) older, Permanent Cosmetics will give
you long lasting results leaving you looking younger and feeling flawless. Imagine waking up every
day having more time to get on with your life rather than spending time in front of the mirror!


Following a thorough consultation that involves you in the colour selection
process, pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using an
electronic handpiece and a single-use sterile needle. The skin is numbed
using a topical anaesthetic cream ensuring any discomfort during the
procedure is kept to a minimum, in fact the sensation is often described
as more of a tickle, and on a pain scale of 1-10 most people usually
say it feels around a 2.

All treatments include detailed aftercare advice and products for you to
take home, along with a ‘tune-up’ appointment around 4-6 weeks after
the initial session, this allows fine adjustments to be made in order
to perfect the look further.

Although the pigment remains in the skin, Permanent Make-up fades
over time and the look can last anywhere between 1-5 years with an
average of 2-3 years, an annual colour boost is recommended
for maintenance.


Consultation £50.00

Redeemable against any Permanent Make-up treatment booked.


Brows £275.00

Beautiful brows can have real visual impact, framing the face and giving
a more youthful appearance. Permanent Make-Up Brows can give the illusion of fuller brows or give you more symmetry to the face. Whatever
you want to achieve, there is a colour, depth and shape to suit every individual.


Lip Blush £295.00

Permanent lip blush will give the illusion of fuller lips that won’t smudge
or fade from dawn till dusk! Whether you want a subtle colour enhancement to replace lost pigment and volume due to ageing, or a full- on lipstick look, there is a shade for you. A lip enhancement can also improve the shape
and symmetry of the lips.


Eyelash Enhancement from £225.00

Zero smudge eyeliner! From light to dark, thin to thick, this precision look will not budge. As we age the upper eyelid begins to sag, when it touches the lower eyelid it becomes impossible to keep eyeliner in place no matter how well it has been applied. Permanent eyeliner is the solution.


Colour Boosts
6 months or less £75.00
12 months or less £140.00
18 months £180.00


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